Pugg Mahones – Food, Fun and a Pint

As you may have guessed by now, there’s not much I appreciate more when out and about than a good, traditional pub. For a long time now, Pugg Mahones has been a favourite stop of mine. But it wasn’t until recently that I was able to try the food and get the full Pugg experience.

I would have given Pugg Mahones an excellent review for just the environment and friendly staff, but they outdo themselves when it comes to their food. You may not think their menu as the most spectacular you’ve ever seen, but it is just plain excellent food.

You want the best nachos (that I have tasted at this point) in Melbourne? Go to Pugg Mahones.

Excellent deals like $10 parmas (fantastic, also, by the way) and other things are just another reason to stop in and have a meal with your drinks.

If you’re not keen on eating on the ground floor with everyone else, the upstairs has a more open plan and is great for functions. The upstairs level also has live music every night from Monday to Saturday.

They also have a membership program that provides things like discounts, occasional free pints and more.

All in all, Pugg Mahones is a great, feel good, relaxed pub in Carlton. It’s your perfect stop after work for a pint, meeting up with friends and/or to top off the night with a great meal and live music.

Phone: (03) 9810 0060

PS. Try asking the staff what Pugg Mahones means. It’ll either give you a shock or give you a laugh.

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