Parmas Your Way at Mrs. Parma's

If you're looking for a place that has atmosphere, televisions to watch the sport, a wide arrangement of beers and a mighty good feed, then you'd do well to stop by Mrs. Parma's.

Mrs. Parma's supports the locals with an excellent selection of not only the usual characters like Carlton Draught but also beers from around the region. You can sit at the bar with a cold one or get more comfortable at one of the tables while you watch the cricket or footy.

It's a smaller place, but there is more of a pub area in the front and a slightly more intimate dining area further in. The staff are a lot of fun and are always up for a chat with the customers. The place is decorated with dark reds and pleasant lighting, so it's a great place to sit back and relax.

While $22 for a chicken parma might make you bulk, just wait until you see the size of the things. They are pretty massive, so be sure to arrive hungry if you're going to go for a parma.

What's even better is they have vegetarian parma options as well as a lot of other fantastic entrees and desserts.

Located in the Melbourne CBD, Mrs. Parma's is an excellent place to stop in after work for a drink or to have a dinner out. It's within walking distance of shops, theatres and so much more, so you won't have to worry about driving!

25 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria
Phone : (03) 9639 2269

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 11am till late
Saturday & Sunday 12pm till late

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