Music, Atmosphere, and Great Coffee at Hopscotch

One of the beauties of Melbourne and its suburbs is the fact you can find some of the best places by just having a bit of a wander. My husband and I had the luck to find a fun gem while wandering around not far outside Melbourne.

When you walk into the cozy Hopscotch café, the first thing you are likely to notice is the huge specials board… written completely backwards. Well, not completely, as the only words written straight instruct patrons to turn around and look at the mirrors lining the opposite wall so they can read the board.

You have a choice of sitting out front, on comfy chairs, at tables, or even at a private courtyard. Feel free to move around – their ‘free wi-fi with coffee’ certainly won’t mind and neither will the staff as they make you a coffee just how you like it or one of the best chai lattes I have tasted. (And I have tasted chai lattes in over a dozen different locations across Victoria.)

With daily lunch specials and an all day breakfast, Hopscotch is the perfect little place to hang out, have a feed, and hook on to the wi-fi for work or pleasure.

And not only is there all that, but they even have loyalty cards to keep you coming back (like I needed any more reasons) with rewards of free drinks and buy one, get one free. Unlike a lot of loyalty cards, they actually give you great deals without having to buy heaps of coffee or food. Did I mention the prices are good, too?

What more could you ask for? You had me at the all-day breakfast. Or the wi-fi. I can’t decide – just give me another chai latte, please.

If you’re not keen on trying to find parking on Glenhuntley road, just hop on the 67 tram. It goes right by Hopscotch and you only have a short walk to get there after you get off.

Hopscotch Espresso
313 Glenhuntley Road
Elsternwick 3185
Melbourne, VIC

9532 7688

PS. If you're a BookCrossing fan, they are a popular drop/pick up site, too!

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