Christmas in July

When I was living in the States, when I heard 'Christmas in July', I thought it was all just a big commercial industry scam to get people to buy more stuff. Heck, wouldn't they love it if they could have Christmas TWICE a year? 'ckin oath. ;)

But now that I'm in the southern hemisphere, I get. I mean really get it.

Regular Christmas in Oz consists of BBQs, going to the beach, trying to chill out by relaxing with a cold beer and friends with air conditioning. Certainly a far change from mugs of hot chocolate, warm jammies, the heater going as you look outside at the massive snow drifts...

I was wondering if it would happen this year because it has the past two Julys, but I didn't really recognize it for what it was. Lo and behold, I woke up a few mornings ago and felt like I should be putting up Christmas decorations or something.

Looking outside and seeing no snow on the ground usually snaps me out of it, but I still feel a little confused internally. I want to be making candy cane reindeer and buying/making presents for people. While I'm sure people would appreciate the gifts, it might be just a little weird...

Maybe that's one of the reasons I have a hard time in winter here. Not only do I have fewer presents to make/buy for people during regular Christmas anyway, I can't really do what I feel I should be doing because it's July and Christmas is far away...

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