Cheap Feel, Expensive Meal – Coach and Horses

While it’s all well and good to talk about what’s hot in Melbourne, we all want to know the places that we are better off avoiding.

The Aussie pub is a huge part of Australian life. However, that doesn’t mean every hotel/bar achieves that friendly pub feel that Aussies enjoy so much.

In Ringwood, towards one end of the Eastlink freeway, is the Coach and Horses bar. A mix of bistro, sports bar and gambling area, this bar could be a truly great place that people enjoy going to. However, I highly recommend that you not make the Coach and Horses a ‘must see’ place on your touring list.

Open from early in the morning to…even earlier in the morning, it is ideal for night owls. But only night owls who are desperate for a drink or a go at a gambling machine.

If you’re desperate for a place to eat, then skip the bistro section and go straight to the sports bar. It might be a bit grittier than you’d like, but the food is much cheaper and just as good because it comes from the same kitchen as the bistro. It’s your typical fare most of the time – with parmas, chips, wedges, burgers, etc – but it is very well done.

How they manage to get away with the expensive food prices in the bistro is still a great mystery to those of us who go because we have friends among the bar staff. You may get a wider variety of choices in the bistro, but I’d rather save the money any day.

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