Matching Bras and Knickers

This weekend The Bloke and I went to the shops because we both need new pants. We're both down to one or two good pairs of jeans and, beyond that, I need some smaller sizes because I've been losing weight. I plan to lose more weight, but I also plan to not look ridiculous in huge pants held up only by a belt until I get to my goal weight.

We went to the second hand shop for the pants, but I couldn't find any nice tops to get me through social times until I get to start buying my goal weight wardrobe. Most of my tops (nearly all of my nice blouses) are all fitted, which (I think) is a great look... when they are actually fitted. My fitted tops are now a bit too big and look funny, not to mention making me look like I'm still at my highest weight.

Anywho, we ended up in Target (yep, they have Targets in Australia) that just so happened to be having a major sale on women's underthings.

Yep, I was in need of some new knickers, too, and it's hard to resist something that is usually ten dollars marked down to three.

I was planning on just getting a pack of knickers and getting out of there, but The Bloke insisted I try on some nice bras while we were there. I ended up ended up getting two matching sets along with a pack of knickers. I could hardly wait to get them on when I got home.

I must say, there is something very sexy about matching bra and knickers. It just makes you feel a bit more... feminine.

The Bloke had a fun night, too, as I took any free opportunities to flash my new bra at him or pull down the waistband of my pajama pants just enough for him to get views of my knickers.

I love weekends like this.

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