Here's That Rainy Day

Today is another overcast day in Melbourne as I sit at my desk in front of the large, lounge room windows. I love Australia, I truly do, but I'm not really keen on Australian winters...

I grew up in a land of harsh winters that posed a health risk if your heater decided to kick out (which ours did a couple times). We had snow drifts so high that you wouldn't be able to get in the front door because it was covered more than not, and my brothers loved jumping off the lower part of the roof and into the drifts.

At night I would sit on the bench in front of the big kitchen window with my mug of hot chocolate, just looking out at the cold landscape. On the clear nights, the snow glistened like a white, frozen ocean. I always imagined boats sailing around, calling 'to port' at our front door.

Sometimes I would even put on all my snow gear and go out to make snow angels, my excuse for simply being there in the snow and staring up at the stars for hours on end.

The fact that I don't handle the cold well coming from such conditions perplexes The Bloke, but that's another story.

Winter just seems... depressing without the snow.

Despite popular thought, yes, Australia does get snow. They have a ski season, even. And, once in about twenty or so years, Melbourne gets some snowflakes. But Melbourne gets nothing compared to the practically icy tundra I used to deal with every winter.

We just get rain.

Yes, I have wondered if I get SADD, but I have been doing well enough this winter to think not. I take that as a positive step towards becoming truly Australian.

The first winter I was here, it truly messed with my head because I started wanting/feeling Christmassy in July. I finally realized where 'Christmas in July' must have come from.

It's so weird now to have my birthday considered a winter birthday instead of a summer birthday.

I'd never leave Australia, especially over something so small, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't plan a small trip up into the mountains so I can be around snow for a little bit. Maybe if I get it out of my system, I'll feel more at home with the clouds. And the rain.


Jenera said...

I understand how you feel. When we lived in Oregon all we got was rain and I hated it. Then moving to Idaho I've now experienced two consecutive winters with record snow. Yeah it's a pain but it's nowhere near depressing as just rain. When we head back to Oregon to visit, I'm always down because it's always raining. I didn't know how much I hated it until we left it.

::hugs:: Find some snow lady!

Hanlie said...

Cape Town is also a winter rainfall area. We get snow on the mountains, but it's not accessible. It does get dreary... especially in August, when the wind blows as well!

JM said...

I can handle things pretty well most of the time, but I really think it's time that I got to see a little snow just to get it out of my system. :P