A Good Weekend

Melbourne, it appears, is being nice to me this winter and breaking up the monotony of overcast days with sunny ones quite regularly. Given I start to get moody after a certain number of cloudy days, this has been fantastic for me.

The Bloke (Mr. JM) and I took advantage of the sunshine on Sunday and got out for a walk.

After a stop at the shops where I perved on some cooking equipment (I later bought a loaf pan for a bread pudding), we picked up some sushi and headed to the park. One of the things I love about Australia is that, even in our grotty little suburb, we have a lovely park to go to.

We sat on our usual bench, smiled at the rednecks screaming at each other on the other side of the park, ate sushi (well, I ate a piece of salmon – no rice for me) and then debated what to do for the rest of the day. After talking about how much we would kick each other’s arses at Frisbee, we set off and played a game.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon! The sun was still shining, so I could run around in my t-shirt. I kind of suck as Frisbee, but The Bloke didn’t make too much fun of me.

We then walked around town, stopping in a couple shops, and then headed home – happily exhausted.

Unfortunately all the activity has led to The Bloke flaring up his sensitive back, but we both reckon it was more than worth it to have such a fun day out and about.

I hope everyone else had a nice weekend.


Jenera said...

Sounds like you had a blast! We spent it moving Daniel's aunt in to her new place. Not so much fun.

JM said...

Saturday sucked, but it made Sunday that much more awesome. :)

Sorry about the forced family time. Meh.