Fine Food in Canberra – The Durham

One of my favourite things about travelling is discovering new places – especially awesome pubs. I recently made a trip to Canberra, Australia’s capital, for a writer’s conference and found a pub with some of the best food I have ever tasted.

When server Adrian greeted my husband and me just as we walked into The Durham, we knew we had found a good place to settle down for a meal and a drink. The soft lighting and modern but comfy surroundings helped me settle in and relax after a long, hard day.

Things only improved when we mentioned we’d be having meals and were pointed to the excellent specials, one of which my husband chose for his evening meal.

For just $15 (AUD), my husband got a perfectly cooked, juicy steak with a healthy helping of mashed potatoes and vegetables along with a half-pint. My husband is very particular when it comes to his steak, so I was doubly glad to find a place that impressed him.

But he wasn’t the only one who was impressed. I decided to go with the Lord Nelson schnitzel, which should be known as the “Oh Lord” Nelson schnitzel. Cooked just right so it forms a sort of bowl, the chicken schnitzel was topped with delicious fresh seafood swimming in a lovely sauce. Never have I been so inclined to “mmm” so much while eating in public.

And that’s only what we had on the first night we went there.

The menu delights don’t stop. The most expensive thing on the menu is only $28.50 (AUD) and that’s the ‘reef and beef’ – t-bone steak served with today’s fresh seafood in a white wine sauce.

I think it’s safe to say that the hungrier you are when you walk in, the better.

Owner Josh Gray has a true winner with this excellent pub staffed by talented cooks and friendly bartenders. The beer is cold (the cider, in my case), the food is superb and the staff are friendly. I highly, highly recommend you drop in for a drink, a meal and a chat. It’s open seven days from noon until late.

And if you happen to stop by, say hello to Adrian out front and the guys in the kitchen – Jake, Nick, and Tony – from the couple in Melbourne.

The Durham
Green Square
Kingston 2604

(Just southeast of Parliament House)

Phone: (02) 6295 1769

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