Federation Square – Meet, Eat and Surf the Web

A perfect place to meet surrounded by places to eat, right next to the SBS television building and the biggest free Wi-fi hotspot in Melbourne?

That’s Federation Square.

Right across the street from Flinders Street Station, it’s no wonder that Federation Square is the popular place for locals as well as visitors to meet. A large open space at its centre, the Square is a lovely place to rock up and get comfortable with your laptop. It makes a great place to do lunch or even a meeting on a gorgeous day, as you can stay connected to the internet while you’re there – for free.

Feeling hungry? You certainly don’t have to walk far, as the Square offers many choices in cuisine – everything from coffee to a nice sit-down meal.

With regular events, galleries and museums, you’ll never have a boring time at Federation Square. There are all sorts of interesting, funny and outright weird things that happen regularly.

Not only that, you can also scratch your shopping itch with a shop around Federation Square. Whether you want to pop in quickly or wander around for a few hours, Federation Square shopping will work for you.

Want more information about what’s on and what’s around? Check out the website:

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