The Toolangi Tavern – Victorian Bushfire Victim Support

Even though Toolangi is a smidge out of Melbourne proper, it is my pleasure to review the Toolangi Tavern and other small businesses around Victoria that will feel the hit of not only diminished customers because of the Victorian bushfires but also because of the coming winter months.

When you first walk in the front doors fitted with gorgeous stained glass windows, you can’t help but feel cozy in the Toolangi Tavern. With hardwood floors, a small but well-stocked bar to your right, a large fireplace in the centre of the wall to your left and large windows so you can look out at the gorgeous views surrounding the tavern around the rest of the room, it feels almost like home.

Being true to the pleasant surroundings, the staff are always friendly and smiling, and they’re always up for a quick chat or a joke.

Beyond being beautiful and cozy, the tavern is also a great deal. They have a wide selection of mains – all of which are $15. Yep, no matter which one you order. The menu does change on occasion, but you always have your staples like rump steak and fish and chips.

The Bloke highly recommends the rump steak, whereas I… Well, I recommend it all.

Not only are the mains a steal, they also have $6 absolutely delectable desserts. The Toolangi Sundae is a must-have dessert for anyone who loves fresh, ripe berries.

After you’ve eaten, you can settle down in the comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace to warm up and enjoy your after-meal coffee or tea.

Not only that, they are also attached to the Toolangi Shop where you can pick up and odds and ends you need.

All in all, the Toolangi Tavern is a gorgeous place with stunning views and even more stunning food. Arrive hungry and enjoy yourself.

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