This and That

It’s about quarter to 9pm at my time zone right now, I have some candles lit because they relax me, Spicks and Specks is on the tele (one of the few reasons we turn on the TV), the man is eating dinner and I have my dinner as well. I’m relaxed, eating and watching a good show.

Stringing together sentences with actual points isn’t something I’m great at right now. I vote for bulleted list.

*All my permanent residency papers have been sent in and now I get to wait to get government permission to stay here forever and ever.

*The husband and I are still looking at other job opportunities and hopefully moving soon no matter what happens. I’m thinking I should start packing non-essentials now just so it’s not such a big job later. Have any of you moved? Tips?

*I’m on a new eating regime to test it out for a month. Anyone have any interesting veggie recipes? No potatoes, corn or sweet potatoes. I absolutely love mushrooms, but I need to eat a lot of green veggies.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a good one.

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