Permanent Residency Paperwork

My two year wedding anniversary is significant for more than just being the marker of two years together with my husband.

Two years also equals permanent residency time...

Two years go, not long after we got married, I applied for permanent residency (so we didn't have to face coming up with the money for another trip out of the country to renew my visa or possibly face being split up).

As it turned out, applying for permanent residency cost us about two grand anyway, but that's beside the point.

I was granted a bridging visa which basically meant that I got to stay here, travel in and out of the country, receive medical care, etc. It's a 'best behaviour' period combined with a 'we want to see if your marriage lasts and if you really want to stay in Australia' thing.

I thought the two years would seem like forever. Honestly, I ended up forgetting about it. That is, until I received more paperwork to fill out for the final 'judgment' on my permanent residency.

Yep, it's that time.

The good news is that this round there isn't nearly as much paperwork to do and it only costs me the price of a police check (about $50, including the registered post envelope for the application and money order).

In fact, we even have all the paperwork done already. We just have to wait for the police check and then I can send 'er in.

Hopefully the police check will come soon because the deadline to send everything in is June 21 and I'm already getting antsy.

Almost there, Australian citizenship...

PS. I can't apply to be a citizen until two years after my permanent residency is granted.


Anonymous said...

Two years, already? Wow how the time flew. Hope this last leg of it flies by quickest, too, my dear. Then... celebration time!


JM said...

It doesn't seem like that long, does it? :)