Nothing Quite Like It

The Bloke and I opted for some of our local bike/walk paths for our Saturday fitness walk and, wow, what a difference hills make.

Our usual path is absolutely gorgeous but also flat. Locally we have quite a few more hills, so while we didn't get as much of the scenery, we got even more of the workout. Especially because our 'hour walk' turned into an hour and a half.

I am proud of us for being more fit, but wow. That walk took a lot out of me. I also wore a sweater, too, because it was cold when we started, so I was very yucky when we got home.

So, what's 'nothing quite like it'?

I swear, there is nothing quite like the clean feeling you have after you take a shower or bath after getting all gross like that. A usual shower or bath is good, but there is just that extra level of refreshment when you're getting truly clean.

I lurve it. Mmmmm. It makes the hard walk, protesting muscles and sweat all worth it.


Jenera said...

I took a different route the other day when I went to pick up Aidan for school and I had to go up over a bridge. Yeah, now I know why I've never seen anyone else walking that way. I almost didn't make it.

And the shower thing? I just got done spending an hour or more weeding the garden and I'm filthy. Here in about ten minutes I'll be hopping in the shower. It IS the best feeling every.

JM said...

Trying new routes can be fun, but it can be a pain in the arse if you're walking. ;)

Enjoy that shower!