Happy Anniversary to The Bloke

On May 5th, 2007, I put on my veil, my white dress and my white shoes... I sipped a glass of champagne with my good friend, PinkLady... Then I got into the wedding vehicle and headed towards the local park.

When asked if I was nervous, I said no. The day was my official marriage, sure, but I'd long considered myself to be married to The Bloke.

While PinkLady hurried to the friends who had joined me and The Bloke on our special day, I took a few deep breaths and waited just a few moments before starting the walk to my husband.

There, on the gazebo in the middle of the lake, surrounded by our small group of friends, I marveled at my wonderfully handsome Bloke and read the vows we had prepared together.

Though the day was cloudy, I couldn't have been more happy for us.

Two years on, we have both learned a lot about each other and about marriage, but we are stronger now than we have ever been. We still remember our wedding day fondly and steal away on our anniversaries to celebrate being with each other.

The journey has been long and, at times, hard, but we have made it through and will always continue to do so.

My love forever to my Bloke. XOXO


Jenera said...

Happy Anniversary (even if it is a bit late, lol)

JM said...

No worries. :) Thank you.