Giving Blood

When the bushfires hit Victoria earlier this year, The Bloke and I felt like many other Australians - desperate to do something. Like thousands of other Australians, we went to our local Australian Red Cross building to donate blood and ended up being turned away because there were so many people trying to get in to donate blood.

We left our details and waited for the call.

Given that The Bloke and I have the two rarest blood types in Australia, we were happy to make an appointment when the call came a couple weeks ago.

Tonight we went in to donate our blood. For a payment of a while of sitting and relaxing with The Bloke, I don't think it was too bad of an exchange.

This was the first time I had ever donated blood. Age, tattoos and piercings has always kept me from donating before, but I finally managed to work out a time that worked for everyone.

The Bloke, of course, bled like a champion and felt just peachy. Mine took a little longer because the vein was difficult to find (though she got it on the first go) and then my blood wasn't flowing well so I had to pump a stress ball for the rest of my time on the machine.

The entire place was lovely, though, and they really take care of you. Heck, you can have a milkshake - that a staff member will make for you! - if you want to. There are all sorts of lollies, juices, sodas, bikkies and even cheese.

Of course, I'm on a specialized diet, so I stuck to low salt crackers. At least The Bloke was nice enough to not have a milkshake in front of me.

We sat there for a while and enjoyed ourselves until I felt warmed up and ready to go. (My arm turned into an ice block during the process.)

Alas, tonight I'm going to call it a bit of an early night because I'm still feeling a little tired. I feel very good, though. It's nice to give.


Hanlie said...

I haven't donated in about 5 years! It really is time I did that... we only usually get tea and cookies. And they don't pay us!

Jenera said...

The only blood I've donated is to my doctor. I have a heck of time getting any blood out of my veins though so it's like a huge ordeal to give blood to the doctor. Good for you guys for helping out!

JM said...

Hanlie - Oh, they definitely don't pay for donations here, but they take very good care of you.

Jenera - It was a hassle last night for me too. The joy of having deep veins and all that. I'm not sure how soon I'll go back to donate, but I do feel proud that I was able to.