Too Much Going On


There are so many things I have wanted to post about over the past couple of weeks and it just feels like everything is so crazy now.

So let’s break it down bullets style. Woot.

  • We sent in the paperwork to ‘protest’ the rent rise. Fun, fun stuff, but given their ignoring of maintenance requests, the amount they want to raise the rent and other things, we can’t help but feel the need. Thankfully, I have an eye for important papers and saved a lot of stuff that is going to help us win this. Or, at the very least, get this dump looking a little less shabby.

  • I went to the footy! While the Hawthorn vs. Port Adelaide game was a disappointing one because of Hawthorn’s performance, there was no way I could be totally disappointed while watching the game from the IBM corporate box. Woohoo! It’s entirely likely it will never happen again, but that’s okay. I’m fine with occasional ‘I’m married to the IT guy’ perks.

  • Kiama and surrounds are beautiful. Victoria will always be my first love, but I have to admit: I’ve fallen a bit in love with New South Wales. Especially along the coast. The Bloke and I went on the Illawarra Fly (highly recommended) and the day was clear… Breathtakingly gorgeous. And The Bloke, who has a tiny problem with heights, was just fine. Wonderful stuff.

  • We still want to move. I don’t think I need to say anymore on that.

Question for you all: Has anyone tried detox tea? I’m not trying to lose one hundred pounds in a month or anything like that, but it has come to my attention that some of my systems are still not balanced. I’m looking into detox tea as a possible natural, gentle way to help encourage everything to right.

PS. If you haven’t voted for Nyssa or her site A Writer Goes on a Journey for the Ditmars, you should do so. Never have I seen a more lovely person more dedicated to her work than Nyssa is to hers. She deserves whatever awards she can get.

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