Ten Reasons I Love Australia

I recently had someone comment and ask, "What happened to perfect tens?"

Well, today, for that commenter, I am going to put up a list of ten...

Ten Reasons I Love Australia

1. They make fun of everyone. You may think that's mean, but they make fun of each other too, so it's all in good fun.

2. Food! Aussies love their food and they love it done right. No potatoes out of a box over here! Plus, you know Aussie pies (that's meat pies) are the best.

3. The Australian Way of Life. This one is a bit harder to explain if you've never been here... There is just a relaxed nature about Australia. The majority of people here are only in a hurry when it's a hot day and there is a cold beer waiting at the pub.

4. The accent. Purrr. I don't hear it as much these days (pout) but when someone has a thick accent, I still notice.

5. The wine. If you mention the food, you should mention the wine. In the region I'm in, there are heaps of wineries. You want to learn how to make great wine? Scrap the trip to France and head to Oz.

6. Strine. By far, my favourite slanguage. I also reckon it's probably the favourite internationally as well. Thankfully I now sound completely natural saying petrol, reckon and (of course) bastard. I still feel a bit silly suggesting we 'get out the barbie' though.

7. The medical system. This is a more serious than fun one, but it's important to me. Unless you've known what it is like to be terrified of getting ill because you know you won't get medical treatment until you're near dying (because it just plain costs too much), then you don't know what a beautiful thing free and subsidized medical care is.

8. Melbourne. I haven't been to all of the capital cities yet, but I don't think any one will ever take the place in my heart that Melbourne has. She's a truly unique city, and I'll always love 'er.

9. Cricket. Like most people who didn't grow up with cricket, I found it hard to believe people liked a sport that lasted for five days... but I get it now and I love it. Now if Australia would just pick up their arses and play decently...

Of course, the 'perfect' ten for my ten list is...

10. The people. I've run into some real drongos (idiots) in my time here, but you get them in every country. However, the majority of people here whether native born or not are just plain awesome. They welcome you with open arms and never want to let you go.

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