Yoplait All the Way

I am all for integration, trying doing things, pushing yourself, 'doing as the Romans do'... but when it comes to my yogurt (or rather, yoghurt), I fall back to my favourite brand from the US: Yoplait

To give myself credit, I tried. I tried multiple brands that are true Australian, but they all tasted strange enough to me for me not to like them. But when I found the Yoplait section, I was absolutely delighted.

So I guess some habits never die...


Susanna said...

I thought Yoplait was French. (At least the method is French and I assumed it was made in Australia). There you go, I've learned something

JM said...

Oh, I think it is French. It's just the only brand I ate in the US that I found over here. It's probably made here in Oz, too, but it's not made the Australian (strange to my tastebuds) way.