Lend a Hand?

If you're not familiar with 'sticky post', it just means when I update, posts will show up after this one.

Thanks to your help, I won The Bloggers Guide challenge for the region of Australasia. And I can tell you, I am very proud of that fact.

But the competition isn't over, and I'm asking for your help again.

There were six regional winners (including me) and now those winners are going head to head to become the 'world champion' TBG.

How? With a combination of blogging posts and voting, each of the six will accumulate points - or kudos - in their total. The person with the most votes by the end of the voting period wins.

This is where you come in.

There are two ways to vote:

Click five stars for The New Australian.

You can also give me five stars here.

Click on the "+" next to each of my blog entries.

You don't have to sign up to vote. If, for some weird reason, it says you do have to sign up, then you don't need to. I'm only asking people to vote, not to sign up.

There are additional ways to help, which include voting from all the computers you have and/or adding a widget (located at the bottom of the page) where you can.

Some people have been able to vote more than once, so definitely give it a go. :)

As always, I am very, very grateful for your help.

Go Australia!


Morgan Mandel said...

Okay, I'll be glad to go and vote.

Morgan Mandel

JM said...

Thank you Morgan. I appreciate it so, so much.

Moira said...

I've popped over, but I had to settle for five stars. What's up with that? Everything is five... why not ten? TGOB has five martinis, blog rankins... give five stars.... whatever happened to the perfect ten?

JM said...

Ah, the good ol' days of a perfect ten. I don't know what happened to them...

Thank you for voting!