I'm in Love

Isn't he cute? Isn't he absolutely adorable?

I want one.

I'm definitely in love. In his life, my husband has owned quite a few German Shepherds. Because of his love for the breed (and all dogs, really) and because we'd like to get a pet someday, I decided to do some research...

...and I've fallen in love.

German Shepherds are intelligent, energetic and loyal among the loyal. They're wonderfully protective and, if you treat them like a family member, they really will become a family member.

Unfortunately, right now, we don't live in a place that has a yard. We're one of four units and, well, it just wouldn't be fair to a pup to not give him a place with a yard.

So we wait. And I pout.

Do you have a pet? Pets? I'd love to hear about him/her/them! Leave a link to your post/s in the comments.


Jeni said...

Oh does that picture pull on my heartstrings! Reminds me so much of the dog my son had until two years ago this past December. Andre was only part German Shepherd. He also had some Akita blood in him and sometimes, like when he howl and cry, missing his master, my son, we thought maybe he even had a touch of wolf there somewhere. He was so much like my son too in many way -tall, lanky, ran at a silly kind of sideways lope -just like my son. He also had a way of looking at you, kind of confused and quizzical all at the same time -and so does my son! Silly? Yes I know it was, still is, to compare the dog to my son that way, but that's how my daughters and I saw both of them - a matched set you could say.
The day Andre died -which was very fast, very much took us all by surprise too -was one of the absolute saddest days ever in my life and I've had several dogs over my lifetime that I loved dearly but Andre -well, he was just very, very special.
Oh, something else about them too -they can also be quite the mischief makers too at times! But loyal, guardians of the household, wonderful around children too -yep, all of those things they are that and much, much more!

JM said...

Aw, thank you for sharing the memories, Jeni. I really appreciate it.

I'm sorry Andre died, but at least it was fast and he wasn't in pain. I think The Bloke's saddest moment was when he had to put his German Shepherd - Czar - down.

I think you know when you have a real match between human and dog when they are practically the same being like Andre and your son were.

Jeni said...

I'm back - had to answer your comment about why the two little grandkids wouldn't eat the roast beef. They are both autistic and each has their own particular food items they will or won't eat but meats -those are wicked hard to get into them as are veggies too! Pastas -noodles and macaroni -now those are "usually" good things to put on the table before them. I say "usually" because sometimes they even turn the nose up at them too! Picky, picky eaters! Something that, as my older daughter likes to remind me, if she and her siblings had eaten the way these two do, they (my own children) would never have been allowed to reach adulthood cause I -sweet, loving parent I've always been -would have seen to their rapid demise years ago! There probably is some truth to her opinion there. THey definitely would have sported a sore behind from time to time had they been that finicky! Strange how being a grandparent changes one's perspective on things though.

Mayra Calvani said...


German Shepherds are my favorite breed after golden retrieves.

I used to have one when I was a little girl. His name was King and he was astonishingly smart.

I hope you get to gave one soon!

Thanks for leaving a comment on Pets and Their Authors, BTW!

JM said...

Jeni - Ah, okay. That definitely puts some perspective on it.

Mayra - Thanks for stopping by! I definitely hope to get one soon. Maybe this year!