Brief Intermission

As it turns out, my last fortnight or so of fatigue hasn't been pure laziness!

Well, we kind of already knew that given the never-ending sniffles, 'breathing is an effort' crap that has been going on, but we weren't sure what has been happening.

And we're still not sure. However, I saw my doc tonight and he is fairly certain what's going on; he just wants a blood test to confirm it before he proceeds. So tomorrow I'll head down the street and hope they can get blood out of me on the first go and then I'll head back in to see him on Tuesday (because Monday is a public holiday here).

I got the feeling he was reluctant to talk about what he thinks it is, but I'm not going to worry about it. He probably just doesn't want to fill my head with facts if it turns out it's something different.

But now you know - I really do have a good reason for being quiet!

Too bad I can't claim sick leave from my work...

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