I'm in Love

Isn't he cute? Isn't he absolutely adorable?

I want one.

I'm definitely in love. In his life, my husband has owned quite a few German Shepherds. Because of his love for the breed (and all dogs, really) and because we'd like to get a pet someday, I decided to do some research...

...and I've fallen in love.

German Shepherds are intelligent, energetic and loyal among the loyal. They're wonderfully protective and, if you treat them like a family member, they really will become a family member.

Unfortunately, right now, we don't live in a place that has a yard. We're one of four units and, well, it just wouldn't be fair to a pup to not give him a place with a yard.

So we wait. And I pout.

Do you have a pet? Pets? I'd love to hear about him/her/them! Leave a link to your post/s in the comments.


Entertainment in Melbourne...

When you visit Melbourne, it’s all well and good to visit the well-known sights, but you could be missing out on one of the features that makes Melbourne my favourite city to wander around on foot in: street entertainment.

To truly experience a city, there’s not much better you can do than wander around and take everything in. From musicians to artists to ‘living’ statues, the streets of Melbourne are full of all sorts of interesting sights and sounds – many of which you can miss if you opt to drive everywhere and/or stick to the main tourist destinations.

Read more here...


Yoplait All the Way

I am all for integration, trying doing things, pushing yourself, 'doing as the Romans do'... but when it comes to my yogurt (or rather, yoghurt), I fall back to my favourite brand from the US: Yoplait

To give myself credit, I tried. I tried multiple brands that are true Australian, but they all tasted strange enough to me for me not to like them. But when I found the Yoplait section, I was absolutely delighted.

So I guess some habits never die...


Help Me Out? - World's Best City Bloggers

There's nothing like good ol' competition, hey?

I would really appreciate your votes in helping me to win The Blogger's Guide competition. I have been writing about Australia (Melbourne) there for a long time and would very much appreciate being a recognized writer there.

The best part? You don't have to sign up to vote for me.

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Thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate it.


Thank you all sooooooo much! I can't thank you all enough!

As far as I know - winners are notified on March 30th - I'm the regional winner for Australasia! WOOHOO!

There is another round after this - one winner from each region, six regions - and the grand prize winner gets a $2500 travel voucher on top of a three night stay at a hotel.

So excited!

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The Vegemite Song!

I love Australian television.

From the show Good News Week.


The "Horrors" of Socialized Health Services

When people in the States talk about the 'horrors' of having socialized health services, they talk the most about the wait.

"Oh, you have to wait two hours to get seen about a broken leg!"

"Five hours to get my finger sewn back on."


I couldn't say much about emergency socialized medical services because I had never needed to use them. That is, until recently.

With fever, pain in my head, coughing like there is no tomorrow, I finally gave in and went to emergency. Not an emergency in some eyes, but I was at my worst point in a battle against a virus that has lasted a month so far. And so I went in, expecting to be there all night.

Not so.

I'd like to point out that I don't live in a small country town nor is the place I went to a small place that caters to a few. It's a major hospital and I live in a major suburb.

I went in, registered at the main desk, spoke with the triage nurse, had my vitals taken, spoke to a doctor twice about symptom details, had a chest x-ray taken, had a final meeting with the doctor and had my throat checked and got prescriptions as well as all my questions answered.

In the 'horrible' socialized medical system, you'd expect that to take ages, wouldn't you...

Nope. From the moment I walked in there to the moment I got back into the car, it took two hours all up.

I have waited for longer for lesser care in the States.

Score another point for socialized medicine...


I've Been Interviewed!

Kristie over at Culture Shock has interviewed me about my expat life in Australia!

Check it out by clicking here!

Earthquake in Melbourne

When you're visiting Melbourne - and Australia in general - earthquakes are not high on the list of things to be prepared for. However, last night (March 7th), Melbourne (and surrounds) showed itself to not be completely impervious to the phenomenon.

Not having previously experienced an earthquake, I didn't realize what was going on when I first felt the rumbling and heard the clatter of everything in the flat vibrating. However, it didn't take long for SES (State Emergency Services) to be notified and people to be talking about what happened - especially those people closest to the epicenter of the quake.

As of this morning, the quake is a 4.6 or 4.7. You can see the epicenter in relation to inner Melbourne and all the affected areas on a map on this news report.

So, while you're not likely to experience an earthquake in Melbourne - this is the first of this magnitude this close to the city since 1973 - don't rule it out as an impossibility.


Brief Intermission

As it turns out, my last fortnight or so of fatigue hasn't been pure laziness!

Well, we kind of already knew that given the never-ending sniffles, 'breathing is an effort' crap that has been going on, but we weren't sure what has been happening.

And we're still not sure. However, I saw my doc tonight and he is fairly certain what's going on; he just wants a blood test to confirm it before he proceeds. So tomorrow I'll head down the street and hope they can get blood out of me on the first go and then I'll head back in to see him on Tuesday (because Monday is a public holiday here).

I got the feeling he was reluctant to talk about what he thinks it is, but I'm not going to worry about it. He probably just doesn't want to fill my head with facts if it turns out it's something different.

But now you know - I really do have a good reason for being quiet!

Too bad I can't claim sick leave from my work...