Please Help the Bushfire Victims

"Australian Bush Fires have destroyed whole towns in the state of Victoria.

Please Donate: Anything you can WILL help

Overseas donations can be made via this website:

Just be sure to put in 'Specific Use' that you would like the money to go to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. It will go to the RedCross

More information about the fire:

My deepest sympathies to all victims. Truly a tragic few days I hope we will never witness again. Hats off to all firefighters and all emergency support staff (volunteer and paid)....your bravery and dedication is testament to the meaning of being Australian."


Morgan Mandel said...

What a nightmare time for Australia. California has lots of brush fires, but I don't remember hearing of any as devastating as what's going on in Australia. Illinois, where I am, can have blizzards, floods or tornados, depending on the season.

Morgan Mandel

JM said...

It is a bit of a different ball game, to say the least. I'm used to the blizzards, floods and tornadoes.