Hottest Place on Earth

With the hot winds howling and gusting, and the temperature now having reached 45.3 C (113.5F), The Bloke and I are officially holing up in our flat and doing what we can to stay as cool as possible.

According to news reports, New South Wales is set to be the hottest place on Earth tomorrow with temperatures possibly reaching up to 47 C (116.6F).

If that wasn't enough, the gusting wind seems to have picked up heaps of dust (and no doubt smoke as well from the bushfires). This picture is from outside our flat just minutes ago.

Please keep in mind (or pray, if you're the praying kind) the men and women out there for SES (State Emergency Services) and battling bushfires in this heat, wind and dust.


Robyn said...

Yikes! I just saw some of that on the news... 47 degrees!!! I hope it cools down and that the fires get under control.

Anonymous said...

WOW. That's super-hot!

JM said...

Things are starting to calm down now, thankfully.