Heat Wave Survivors

Well, the heat wave appears to be over - for the most part - and I have seen a lot of Aussie blogger posting about the 'casualties'.

My beloved ivy Dexter has survived, thankfully. The Bloke and I don't have any other plants or pets, so we didn't have anything else to worry about. I feel bad for the people who are now trying to figure out if they can save their scorched gardens and poor, poor pets.

A particularly Ass-like pub goer who seems to have a thing again 'Septics' (Americans) told me, "This is Australia; get over it."

I wanted to him to fsck off, but I restrained myself. I'm thinking of the people who have lost instead of stoking my anger at The Jackass. A scorched garden might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I come from a line of lady gardeners so I know how important they can be.

I just hope no one has lost anyone or anything worse. I haven't heard anything, so here is to crossing fingers.

I apologize for not updating before this. The Bloke and I don't have air conditioning (a situation set to be remedied tomorrow) in the flat and the night didn't offer any cool comfort. I spent my days working at the library and then the Bloke and I hid out at the pub. It was a schedule that tired us both out (and made us miss proper home cooking something dreadful) but we had to do what was necessary to keep from getting ill from the heat.

We actually got some rain today, thank goodness. Even though it brought sticky humidity later on, everything needed the cool drink. Hopefully there will be more of the same tomorrow.

Until next time...


Jenera said...

Last summer our air conditioner in our place went out twice. Of course it happened on the days when it was about 104 and it took until the landlord got off work to fix. Oh lordy. It was terrible. I couldn't imagine not having one at all.

JM said...

Well, at least we have cooler temperatures now. I just wish we could have gotten overnight delivery on an aircon and avoided all the pub time.

Morgan Mandel said...

Would you like some zero from our neck of the woods, near Chicago, Illinois? Freezing cold wind child today. Could barely catch my breath.

Morgan Mandel

JM said...

I wouldn't mind it at all. :)