Devastation Across Victoria

Note: While this news report states that the death toll is around 60, we have news reports already this morning that the toll has risen to 108. And there are still areas that haven't been explored yet.

This makes me feel so devastated and sick to my stomach. Places that I visited just a week or two ago are completely gone. So many people have lost everything, and too many people have lost their lives.

When I saw the dust/smoke cloud coming over the eastern suburbs on Saturday, I got this horrible feeling in my gut that something was very wrong. I only wish I could have been wrong.

This is definitely a time for all Victorians - and Australians - to pull together and support each other. I may not be a citizen yet, but this is my home country, my home state, and my heart aches for all the people who have lost so much.


Morgan Mandel said...

That is horrible! I pray that the fires don't come near you. I don't want anything bad to happen to my Australian friend.

Take care and don't take chances.
Morgan Mandel

JM said...

Thank you, Morgan. No worry need be spared to me. I'm not in the rural areas, so I'm not in any danger.

Bangkok Blogger said...

I have been hearing about the firess on Twitter as they spread - I feel for you but I know the Australian people - they will come out of this with their heads held high.

I wish you well.

JM said...

Thank you, truly. Your thoughts are appreciated.