Hot, Hot, Hot Melbourne

This week Melbourne is hot! And not just in the sexy way, either.

Despite what the news broadcasters around here would like people to think, Melbourne being hot in the middle of summer is not such a surprising thing. But like a gambler who sees three cherries on his machine, the rest of the week forecasted at being in the 40s is causing quite a stir.

Melbourne to Perth to Darwin, when your visiting Australia and it's this hot, there are things you need to remember:

1. Fluids. This one may seem obvious, but it's still amazing how many people manage to get dehydrated. You should be drinking at least 1.5 litres of water on a regular day - more if you are overweight and/or if it's hot outside. Pay attention to the people you're travelling with, too.

2. Sunscreen. People don't joke about Australia being eight miles from the sun for nothing. Wear your sunscreen and pay attention to the time rating on it. Reapply. Also wear a hat.

3. No fires! This is especially important in Australia. If you're not local, you could miss all the adverts about fire safety. They are there for a reason. Major bushfires can start from the tiniest spark, and Australians know this all too well. Pay attention to fire bans and warnings. They can save your life as well as the lives of thousands of other people.

Just remember to keep cool. There are plenty of pubs to stop in at where you can commiserate with the locals about the 'bloody heat' and have a pint.

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