Scary Night

I don't live in a "bad" suburb by any means. It's not the best, but I don't fear for my life when I go to sleep or put bars over the windows. But an incident last night makes me want to move...

Last night The Bloke and I went to bed early because he was just back from Tasmania and we both needed the extra sleep. We were both instantly woken out of sleep by the sound of glass breaking. That unmistakable sound. We heard two windows break and then some pounding. We saw the neighbour’s (just over a tall wooden fence) lights come on so we thought the sound had come from there. The Bloke called the police and I couldn’t get back to sleep for hours, but nothing more came of it.

We live in one of four connected units. I just walked out to get the mail and saw men in front of the first flat. It turns out THEIR windows were the ones that had been broken. Mere feet away from our place! (We’re the third flat down.)

Bloody scary shit. The first flat is a public housing type place where they put people I believe (could be wrong) who have served jail time and stuff so they can get back on their feet and eventually move out into their own place. This most recent couple seems so nice – they just had a baby boy a couple months back. Ugh. The guy fixing the windows sounded like he might have known a few details but wasn’t really supposed to share, so I didn’t press him.

I want to move. So bad.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeah, I don't blame you. I'd want to be out of there, too.

JM said...

Well, we're stuck here for a while yet. At least it's not a weekly occurrence.