No Christmas Programming Avalanche?

I was talking with my friend Randi yesterday and we got to talking about Christmas programming on television. I realised that, unlike in the States, the programs aren't a flood of Christmas themed, Christmas related, Christmas obsessed programming.

I like (liked?) the occasional Christmas move and such, but I always hated that it was hard to avoid Christmas programming when you wanted to unless you had satellite television. The Bloke and I don't have satellite television here and yet I haven't seen one Christmas program. There have been the "Channel Seven Wishes You Happy Holidays" things every now and then (I've seen it about four times in the past weeks), but no Christmas programs.

I couldn't be happier, and, given I didn't notice the absence, I'm not missing it in the least! I'm not a grouch or Scrooge - I just like my regularly scheduled programming.

I told Randi that it's likely due to the fact that Australia is so multicultural; a good percent of the population doesn't believe in and/or doesn't celebrate the holiday.

Honestly? I think Aussies got sick of the Chrissy programing flood and told the stations that they could either change or piss off.

They'd do it, too.


Baby said...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TELEVISION - or TELLY LOL. Seriously. We've got so many kids Christmas shows taped that it's crazy.

JM said...

I don't mind it too much. I did see that they had a Christmas movie on a night or two ago. :D