Why, Australia? Why?!

I honestly think Australia should be the death point for McDonalds. Australia should be the place where McDonalds simply cannot thrive because nobody eats there.

And yet, despite my most fervent wishes, I still see McDonalds everywhere with long lines consisting of people of various ages (and waistlines, I must add).

Wake up Australia!

I was a McDonald's child – it's true. What's cheap and easy is what's done in the family with a lot of kids and not a lot of money. (My mother raise my aunt's children, too, so there were six of us.) But we didn't have a lot of options, which isn't the case for city-bound Aussies. Or any Aussies for that matter. If you're not in the city and drive to McDonalds then you can just as easily drive somewhere else.

Aussies have so much lovely, delicious (and cheap!) food available to you, and yet you keep eating number-laden, chemical-packed, crap out of a package.

Tell me why.

Tell me why you insist on eating that kind of stuff when you have so many cultures breaking out their best in cultural yummies that is often just as cheap if not cheaper than fast food.

I saw a mother talking on her mobile and barely paying attention as she fed her baby greasy chip (fries for non-Aussies) after greasy chip. A baby who couldn't yet walk! Let's all join together and say 'childhood obesity', shall we?

Australia, you officially have no excuses for allowing McDonalds – and other fast, crappy junk food for that matter – to exist in this lovely country. Not one single excuse.


Rebecca Camarena said...

McDonald's the bad food that started it all.

JM said...

I'm not sure if it started everything, but I wouldn't doubt it. Bleck.