Turning the Lights On

When you’re in Australia, most people ‘back home’ (in the northern hemisphere) are likely to ask you the big question: “Does the toilet water really go down the other way?”

That’s for another post.

Did you know that in Australia, you turn the light switch down to turn the light on?

It’s a simple thing, but the first small thing I noticed they do different in the land down under.

My husband and I argue a lot about which things that the Australians do are right, and I have to give him the point on this one. While it goes against the “up is on” logic, it is a lot more sensible movement as far as the movement is concerned.

If you’re fumbling around in the dark, it’s much easier and more comfortable to put your hand on the wall and just let fall rather than feeling around to flip the switch up.

So, score one for my husband, and for Aussies.

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