Spring in Melbourne

It’s Spring! The morning is all beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine, slight breeze and it’s 15ºC by 8AM. For the first days of September the weather god has put a sparkle in the air, zest on the breeze and got the birds out filling the surrounds with song… Well, it is song if you can describe the cacophony of magpie warbles, cockatoo squawks, kookaburra laughs as song.

People on the road as I head for work are cheerful and polite – I double check to make sure I’m in Melbourne – so I guess the lovely day is getting to them as well.

Melbourne is renowned for the variety of weather we get, but there are few lovelier places to be than in Melbourne when it turns on the fine spring weather. There is no better time to get out into the city exploring than in spring. Everyone is so happy that winter is nearly through that nice manners not only go a long way – they go a very long way.

But sure enough, it is Melbourne. By 11:30AM the clouds are rolling in, it’s back to 15º and a glance out the window leaves me wondering about the wisdom of not having a raincoat.

Even so, I’m happy living here. It’s a city of contrasts, of mixtures and it’s so cosmopolitan that in certain areas it’s difficult to understand this is Australia. With a decidedly European feel to the lifestyle, as opposed to the more Americanised pace of Sydney, Melbourne is a city pleasant to visit, easy to live in and hard to leave.

Especially in the spring.

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