Somewhere in the Middle

Today I received an email from an acquaintance in the US. In the email, this person said:

"Thanks, mate!"

I giggled a bit and turned to The Bloke. "Do you think it's cute when people from different countries say 'mate'? 'G'day mate.' 'Thanks mate.'"

He admitted that it was kind of funny and we had a little laugh, but then I realized what I was saying. Talking about an 'Australian experience' as if I had been born and raised here and encountered it all my life.

I feel very... middle-ish these days.

"I'm not technically Australian" is what I say to everyone else. I'm not even a permanent resident yet. (June 2009, here I come.) But I don't feel American by any standard. I feel Australian and at home, but there are little reminders - like someone asking where I'm from because of the accent - that I'm not Australian.

I'm somewhere in the middle.


Tors said...

It only gets worse... :-)

JM said...

Your enthusiasm amazes me. ;) Hehe.