New Template

Woohoo! I'm so happy with my new template!

Don't you just love it? All the little pictures are so awesome. Look closely at them - there are typical Aussie things in each of them.

Thank you so very much to Zoe at Chic and Sassy Designs who made this template. I could not be happier.


Randi said...'s BLOGGER! WOAH! This template looks awesome Jaime! It's so YOU! I'm stoked for you! Dammit, now I want one LOL.

boomer chick said...

Ohhhh JAIME I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

JM said...

Randi - It's so awesome. Go to the Chic and Sassy site. She's quite affordable for what she does.

Boomer - Hehe. ME TOO! Thank you!

Karen Magill said...

Looking good!

Morgan Mandel said...

I am so jealous!
This is great. You go girl!

Morgan Mandel

boomer chick said...

Look, I know I commented...but this woman, her name is Zoe, she is so freaking talented. Jaime gave her link above...and she's so AFFORDABLE. Better get'em before she gets too famous! She designed my template and I can't stop blogging and isn't that the purpose???

Elisa said...

Shiny new template!

JM said...

Thanks all, and a special thanks to Zoe! I am so in love with this template. It's gorgeous.