2008 US Presidential Elections

Ballot and box with words vote
The coverage for the election has just started on channel seven (and others) here in Victoria, and I'm already feeling the election buzz. Obama and McCain both have one state so far and I can promise you that the television will certainly be on in this flat until the next 48 states are accounted for.

One thing that impresses me about living in Australia is the fact they are covering the election. I never saw an election in another country covered when I lived in the States.

Mind you, I would have to check to know if covering the US election is something that happens every year in Oz.

I'm not trying to be snarky about the US by any means; I'm just happy to be living in a country where you can take in so much about not only what is happening locally but the world scale as well.

I don't think it's an exaggeration at all when the news reporters say this is the most important US election there has been in decades. The world is hurting and every country needs strong leaders to carry us through to better times.

Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen...

Any early election predictions anyone?

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