Catching Up

Well, I finally made time to sit down and put in my old blog entries from around the time I moved to Australia. They're not all there, unfortunately, but I'm grateful for the things I was able to recover.

Everything from those days is dated to 2006 and marked "(Archive)" after the title so things don't get confusing around here.

Now that I've finally done that, I can get to posting about what's happening in the present! Woohoo!



The New Australian is reborn!

In early October 2006, I got on a plane in the US Midwest that took me on the first leg of my trip from the US to Melbourne, Australia. I'd never been on a plane before and took a big leap of faith that an internet-grown romance could survive off the computer, but it was all worth it.

Just over two years later, I'm married to a wonderful Australian man - The Bloke - living and working in Australia, on the road to permanent residency and then citizenship, and still just as in love with this wonderful country as I was when I first set foot on Melbourne soil.

I did have a blog by this name when I first arrived here, but in moving around the virtual world, it somehow got lost in the shuffle. Thanks to a wonderful site called The Wayback Machine, I have been able to recover some of the first posts I made while transitioning to my life here in Australia.

Of course, being the second edition, I want this place to be bigger and better than the first. I'll be sharing photos, talking about my daily life, talking about anything that happens with immigration and the fun of becoming a permanent resident. There will also be jokes, explaining Strine to the non-Australians, "Aussie" moments I experience and even recommendations to the excellent places The Bloke and I find.

I also have the first appearance of my regular column in the community papers put out along Mornington Peninsula - also titled "The New Australian" - that I will be talking about here as well.

This is my first official post, but I will be backdating some of the earlier posts from my old blog. Hopefully it won't be too confusing.

If you feel the need to contact me for whatever reason, the fastest way is just to leave a comment on this post.

Until next time...