Putting Away the Laundry (Archive)

Well, it's not yet a week, but today is the first day I'm home alone. I had a bit of a June Cleaver moment when The Bloke left for work with me sending him off with a kiss, but otherwise, it isn't quite as weird as I thought it might be. It all just plays into getting used to the "ours" instead of the "his and mine" stuff I've been getting used to. I'm still trying to make a point to pause when I think 'his flat' instead of 'our flat'. I know it would have caused problems if I had kept on the track of this is his territory and I'm invading. Which brings on the reason for the title.

Having left me to nap instead of waking me up to help, The Bloke brought in already washed and folded laundry (he's mine, ladies. hehe) into the bedroom. While I set to the task of waking up, he put away his things. I came back into the bedroom just as he was finishing, and when he did, he said, "I'll leave you to sort out your drawers."

I stared blankly at my clothes on the end of the bed for a moment, kind of in a trance. My drawers? And he'd folded my laundry right along with his. I looked at the closet where my jacket already hung, then at the dresser by my side of the bed which he'd already cleaned out for my use.

I put away the laundry from the wash and then slowly began putting away the clothes that had been like the guts of my luggage bag spewed all over. All along, as piece by piece was put in its proper place, I became less of a visitor and more of a permanent resident.

I thought I'd already had that feeling down, but the luggage bag with my clothes still in it had been a bit of hook back into the "just visiting" thing. Finally getting all that done and wheeling my bag into the spare room felt good. Very good. It makes me eager for spreading out a little bit more as I go.

Yes. Laundry. Exciting. Right.

Haha. As always, these blog posts are just my musings about the things going on. It still amazes me that somehow I have the good fortune to go have lunch in a beautiful park with the man I love, to see the ocean and feel the waves crash around my legs, or even to try all the new foods I have. (Suuushi. *drool*)

With all this, I know I can't remember every last bit forever, but I'm sure going to try.

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