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Well, I'm supposed to be writing every day, so this will have to serve for today. I've had a rather interesting day so far. Even a bit busier than normal, despite the amount of time I've spent online today.

I felt like a real Aussie today as I walked about the mall with my tote bags. I felt even more Aussie when I walked around with something in there. Hehe.

Anyway, I went about my shopping and even spoiled myself a little by buying a drink from one of my familiar US names and sitting down in the eating area of the mall. I looked around at all the people and just enjoyed the time spent out and about on my own. I still feel a bit handicapped and am ever grateful for the times The Bloke takes my hand and shows me around, but the fact that I know my place to somewhere - even if it's just the mall - makes me proud.

I also had another first in that I bought us groceries today. Well, not groceries per se, but I did buy us potatoes. In all likelihood, I bought the wrong kind of potatoes from the wrong store for the wrong price, but the fact is I did it for us and it felt good. I was going to buy bread too, but hell if I could find the brand name The Bloke buys. Haha.

But, as I said, it felt good to buy us something, even if it was just potatoes. I like the feeling of knowing that I can do something that gives The Bloke one less thing to think about. I never thought of myself as that kind of girlfriend, but I guess I am. So far, at least, I like doing little things like making the bed. (I'm sure I'll get over that. Hahaha.)

It's not that I feel I have to pay back The Bloke for what he's done. Take it as you wish, but I don't feel in debt to him as much as simply grateful to him for what he's done. Me doing little things like picking something up at the store gives me the opportunity to show him I love him and I appreciate all he is and does in my life.

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again because I think it's so important: it's the little things that matter. The things that say not only "I love you" but "I'm thinking of you." I think everyone likes to be fussed over to a certain extent. Feeling special is a wonderful thing that the most deserving people don't often get. I know people in my life who deserve nothing but the pure best of everything but are perfectly happy with what they have because they are good people.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've felt since childhood that if I could make these people feel appreciated, let them know they're being thought about, then I have a purpose in life. I know one has to live for oneself, but you can't only live for yourself. It shouldn't go completely at the other end of the scale, but you need both to be the best person you can be.

The Bloke is one of the people I mentioned before who deserves the best of everything. He also happens to be the man I love, so my dedication to his happiness is doubled, if not infinitely multiplied. It's not only new (new in a sense) love that makes me want to do things for him, it's loving him.

So maybe I'm just grabbing some groceries, but it's one less thing he has to think about, one less thing for him to do, and one more way I can show how much I love and think highly of him.

So, cheers again, mate. Here's to love, appreciation, and showing those who matter that they matter.

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