The Adventure (Archive)

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being taken away from what I called home and being thrown into another world where I would have to learn the language, customs, traditions, etc of the people who lived wherever I had been taken. Now, over a decade later and little girl turned grown woman, I find that my childhood fantasies are coming true all around me.

I'm in a new place where they speak English but...kind of not. (Or is it me who speaks kind of not English?) I find myself looking at their strange money which survived being doused by ocean waves in my pocket looking no worse for wear, whereas American money would have fused together into a green, booger-looking thing. I've already become quite accustomed to the "Great Australian Wave". *waves hand in front of face to shoo away flies* I've also gone down to the pub (nope, not the bar) with The Bloke and had my first legal drinks. (Well, not technically first. I had a daquiri with my salad the first day here.)

And, as hard as I try to resist, I find myself at least trying to mimic the sound of the local tongue. I know I have to sound like a lunatic, going in and out from American to attempted Oz with a bit of Londoner in there too, I think. ;) I can't help myself, though. This is what I wanted since before I knew where Australia was. So, I blunder about a bit, but I think it's much to the amusement of those around me, which makes me laugh in the end anyway.

So, the adventure continues, and the American in Oz falls a little more in love with this world, this life, every day.

I think, in my case, this is turning into one of those things you smack your head and mutter, "Why didn't I do this sooner?" for. That's okay, though, because I'm not the only one involved with life change, and I know he had to be ready for me to be here too.

When I was little and dreaming of my new life, I wondered what I would miss of the life before. What did I care enough about to miss? Was there anything? Did I even feel any attachment to that place? I wondered the same thing often as I looked out the plane window on the way over here.

As of yet, there's nothing I miss. Not even my cat, sadly enough. It's not for lack of attention to the subject, because I have thought about it. I guess children are a bit more aware of themselves than one would think. I knew then as I know now that my place was never there.

Now that I'm away, I'm happy. Just as I thought I would be.

So, cheers, mate. Here's to following your heart.

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